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An ancient Basilica under Water!

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FB Post from  Fr. James Martin, SJ

I love this photo, and this story. Anyone who has ever said the Nicene Creed at Mass on Sunday (i.e., every Catholic) will know the name of Nicea. This beautiful underwater ruins could be the long-lost Church of St. Peter, from the early sixth century. A loose translation of this article reads, in part: “A team of Turkish archaeologists announced that they had discovered the remains of a 1,500-year-old basilica at the bottom of Lake Iznik, in the northwestern province of Bursa. According to some experts, it could be the Byzantine church of St. Peter, cited in various Christian texts of the time. According to Mustafa Sahin, professor of archaeology at the University of Bursa, who directs the excavations, the basilica was built around 500 AD. In the nearby town of Nicaea (now Iznik) in 325 was held the first ecumenical council of the Christian world, under the chairmanship of Emperor Constantine.”

Ruth’s Journey to Happiness

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The story of Ruth is some-what peculiar. It is a love story, but one that stands out greatly from the ones we hear about today. Ruth’s husband dies and she is left alone with only her sister-in-law Orpah and her mother-in-law Naomi. Naomi decides to go back to Judah, her home, and Ruth and Orpah start to follow her. Naomi tries to convince them to return to their home so they can remarry. Orpah goes back, but Ruth stays by Naomi’s side. Naomi tries to get Ruth to go back but Ruth refuses, and Naomi, seeing that Ruth will never leave her, allows her to come with, and they go to Judah together. After they get settled, Ruth goes out to a field in order to pick up the grain left behind by the workers. She happens to go to the field of Boaz, one of Naomi’s relatives, and he is very generous to her while she picks from his fields. Naomi realizes the field belongs to Boaz and she gives Ruth specific instructions about what she should do to get Boaz to marry her. Ruth follows the instructions to a ‘t’ and she and Boaz were married, and they had a son.

One can see that this is a very unusual love story, but it does have a very important point to make. Things may not have started out very well for Ruth, but her loyalty and obedience to Naomi lead her to a life that probably turned out even better than she could have imagined. We should demonstrate that kind of loyalty and obedience to the Church, because it is lead by God Himself, and since God knows all things He can most certainly make us the happiest we can be through His Will. – Sarah

The chocolate is gone, now what?

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What are you going to do in the new year? – Zack


Be the solution…

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It’s a Word in a Word!

Did you make a New Year’s resolution?

I noticed the “solution” inside the resolution.  So I ask myself “what is the solution?” or better yet – “how can I BE the solution?”  It would change everything that I do or think this year.

If I am the solution, I can’t be the problem!  I would have to do the right thing all the time, think before I act or speak, and have a good attitude!  Seems so simple.  “Re” in resolution is do it again – repeat.  Can you take the challenge?

Bishop was born because of a bet!

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Okay, so that is a sensational headline.  But this story is amazing.  Get the whole story here:

Mom has a problem with her pregnancy and one doctor says the baby will be deformed.  Second doctor says he is wrong.  They don’t have money for a month long hospital stay.  Guess who pays the bill?

And the March for Life is born…

A whole ‘nother look at “your faith has saved you.”