An ancient Basilica under Water!

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FB Post from  Fr. James Martin, SJ

I love this photo, and this story. Anyone who has ever said the Nicene Creed at Mass on Sunday (i.e., every Catholic) will know the name of Nicea. This beautiful underwater ruins could be the long-lost Church of St. Peter, from the early sixth century. A loose translation of this article reads, in part: “A team of Turkish archaeologists announced that they had discovered the remains of a 1,500-year-old basilica at the bottom of Lake Iznik, in the northwestern province of Bursa. According to some experts, it could be the Byzantine church of St. Peter, cited in various Christian texts of the time. According to Mustafa Sahin, professor of archaeology at the University of Bursa, who directs the excavations, the basilica was built around 500 AD. In the nearby town of Nicaea (now Iznik) in 325 was held the first ecumenical council of the Christian world, under the chairmanship of Emperor Constantine.”

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