Opening the Word

Most classes at St. Gall begin in Church with Opening the Word.  We explore the upcoming week’s Mass Readings.  This short talk is usually interactive and geared toward either grades 1-6 or grades 7-8 depending on the class period.  Want to know what we talked about this week?  Just search by this category to find the blog posts for Opening the Word talks!

We usually begin and end our time together with this song.  Thy Word is a Lamp Unto My Feet.  We made up the hand motions and students get to lead the refrain:  loud, soft, prayerful, or sounding like the angels.  The main point is to remember that God has a path for us and he is leading the way carrying a lamp to guide us.  His Word is a light.  We just need to read and listen. Then we will know what he wants us to do and where we should go.  Our goal is to stay on track!  Hopefully, we will help each other to stay on the path!


Peace and all good!  Mrs. Doherty

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